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Saturday, July 2, 2011

seattle part 2

a few more shots from the emerald city

good place for a market

now, i am not turning my back on my hometown market (the west side market), but i found the pike place market pretty amazing. i had been there before but never taken time to really look around. although there are a lot of tourist trap stands and shops that have sprouted up with the popularity of the market, i was really impressed with the actual food stands. the attention to detail and presentation is something i have never before seen at a market. it makes complete sense. one of the defining factors of a meal is presentation, so why not make that a defining factor of the components of that meal? what results is amazing. i love you west side market but take some notes from pikes place on the subject of presentation.
everything is perfect rows, just waiting for you to pick it

more fresh fish then you can imagine

standard tourist shot section

i would say the quality of life in seattle is pretty high

mt. rainier, providing its dramatic backdrop to the puget

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