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sunrise, new mexico

Friday, September 26, 2008

enlightened part II

so up in toronto the show is over and the pictures have come down, but never fear because the website is finally up for enlightened. now anyone who might have missed the show can check out all the pictures themselves from the comfort of pretty much wherever you choose to do your internetting. so without further, check out the photos, i was stoked to be included because they are all pretty rad... interweb yourself over HERE! to see it with your own eyes.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

come on down

i am planning on being at this... never been to kent before, kinda excited about that. the movies should be great, really excited about that.


didn't we learn our lesson from all those individuals who had neon ground effectX on their cars in high school? putting glowing lights on or under anything that is not a christmas tree and putting an X at the end of a word where there should be an S... yeah like i said, i thought we learned our lesson in high school. at any rate, should you be into said style, check glowboardz for all your glowing snowboard base needs.

Friday, September 19, 2008

c'est bon

just got back from montreal. montreal is a cool place, with a very euro feel from the architecture to the food to the people. montreal is definetly doing it's own thing. was up there for work other then photos, so just did some pointing and shooting in my free time.

take a trip, enjoy the poutine
after the poutune, enjoy the full contact lap dances... like i said montreal, doing it's own thing

mini ramp ban

we all know you can get in trouble for skating around the city. now, salt lake city has made it possible to actually get in trouble for skating at your home... get this...

"4.5.21. Sporting Ramps. No person shall build or use nor shall any person cause, allow, or permit anyone to build or allow anyone to use any skateboard, roller blade, bicycle, or snowboard ramp or half-pipe or similar configuration within 800 feet of a dwelling, except within facilities that have been designated for such use by government entity."


Wednesday, September 3, 2008

now thats some creative shit

i wish i could skate well, i wish i could skate this well. the whole world would suddenly be open to so many new possibilities of fun things to skate.