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sunrise, new mexico

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

nz lake

i am not here, i am there...

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

dew tour

the dew tour came to cleveland(where i call home these days) and i did not take a single picture, i did not even go to the event, busy with work. kind of disappointing, but i guess that is growing up and whatnot. at any rate, i gather that i missed sheckler crying, senior blanco winning and a lot of dudes, bros and bras... and i am pretty sure i kinda seen all that before... oh well, 50,000 folks came from far and near to see the show and i reckon that can't be a bad thing. good support will keep bringing those kinda things back to town and maybe one of these days cleveland will get around to building a skate park that can be called a skate park without a giggle and a bull shit smile. as i said i did not shoot one picture of the event so this artist's rendition of what it might have been like is all i got...* The photo above is not a photo but an artist's rendition, any similarities to actual events are purely coincidental

Sunday, July 13, 2008

oh canada!

what a great title for a national anthem. way to go all my canadian friends... spent some time north of the border last week. went to ashley's family's lake house on beautiful lake gananoque. divided my days between eating too much, sitting on the dock reading and enjoying the sunshine, fishing and of course enjoying cold canadian canned goodness. in between that oh so busy line up of activities i managed to snap a few shots of a few things...