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sunrise, new mexico

Friday, February 27, 2009

Sunday, February 22, 2009

hong kong

simply amazing. just great city, it is no wonder it is one of the most expensive cities in the world. people everywhere from all over the world, over 7 million strong, not to mention all the folks just visiting or there for work. the city is alive at all hours and it is a blast.

amazing bridges greet you coming from the airport

a small sampling of the city at night while riding the star ferry over


1am perfect time for some street food

i was very sad to leave the east. china had met and exceeded my expectations and hong kong was just the icing on the cake. i will miss the people, the differences, the food, everything. i said it before, but i cannot wait to get myself back there...

my plane home had eyes

mt. fuji japan, a whole other place i want to visit.

china- last days

last few days in china, few more factory visits and some fantastic schezwan food(nice and spicy!). china is amazing, nothing like i expected and so different from the united states. i am so privileged so have been able to experience being here and so excited now to see even more of it. the people are amazing, the food is unbelievable both in content and excellent taste and the culture is truly special. i am already counting down until my next trip over.

the only panda i saw


didn't like this photo when i took it, almost erased it in the camera... i think it might be my favorite.

some og red bull with the og tab open

i wasn't any of these so i did not get preferred seating

chinese solider on his bike on the runway

Friday, February 20, 2009

wtf friday #7

that right there is a mega ramp and that other thing right there is a suped up big wheel...

Thursday, February 19, 2009

china day 5

we met with a factory today and after the tour and meeting we generally have a large lunch, you know this because you have seen the pictures(think alligator arms and jelly fish). well today when we came back in the board room there was this...

that's right, greeted by stale mcdonalds and cigarettes, i think they might have been trying to kill us! not to be mean though, they were very proud of providing american food for us and i was very appreciative of the effort. little did they know that i can't stand the arches and most of us in america avoid it like the plague. as for the cigs, i don't think they have gotten the message over here that it is not that good for you to smoke. little bit of culture, never a bad thing.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

mack dawg china

i have spent a lot of time in chinese airports and keep catching this on the airport tv. the chinese are showing clips from mack dawg people "we are people too" is every major airport in china... kinda crazy, kinda small world...
i hope you guys are getting some residuals on this

china days 3&4

so the magical mystery tour through china continues. i have had a flight everyday and have gone from shanghai to wenzhou from wenzhou to shenyang and from shenyang to what i am presently calling home chengdu. pretty crazy, nevertheless i am meeting some great people, seeing some interesting things and most importantly eating some strange/good food.

standard chinese wiring

not sure what this means, but i was in the room 2 days ago and i am still alive...

chinese hill side cemetery

lunch time! half a fish head?

not a fan of fish head? how about some alligator arm?

i like mine with some fresh pick-your-own snake, which by the way is a large basket of snakes sitting in the restaurant, just like at wendy's

street vendor selling some oranges

getting to work

bit of a smog problem

this is lotus, amazing english/chinese translator. she works for one of the firms we visited. she told me "you look like a movie star! the one married to angalina, you know brad!?" she then instantly became my favorite person in china.

Monday, February 16, 2009

china days 1&2

i got to china and i didn't have to dig to get here, just had to sit in a plane for 14 hours. not going to lie, the jet-lag is holding hands with a day full of meetings and another flight and i am pretty tired. so i figured i would just post some photos... hope you enjoy.

that is what it looks like when you are looking down from...


this is me sitting 10 hours into a flight wondering if anyone has ever put a board to that snow

i love the section of the immigration forms... i am coming to china to "settle down"

this is our host pan. he is picking out which fish for us to eat.

this is said fish, not to stoked about being picked and trying to get away... nothing like seeing your dinner flopping on the ground a few minutes before its in your mouth...

lite app before dinner, jellyfish. keep your eye out i think this one is gonna be on t.g.i.fridays menu next season

speaking of new apps, this is a bowl of fried silk worms

and this is me about to eat a fried silk worm

nice glass of tea. tea is huge over here, but you already knew that. kinda fun tasting all the different kinds.

i love chinese signs.

shanghai airport

more pics on the way!

Friday, February 13, 2009

wtf friday #6

fight the stereotype brother...

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

how i try to live my life...

no smoking and no rollerblading... that there is a guide for clean livin

i am not ashamed....

that this showed up in my mailbox

thanks ace...

Monday, February 9, 2009

weekend filming

heaps of fun with the syndicate crew this weekend... learned that we would rather film next to a meth lab in the hood at 12:30am then near shitty condo dwellers in the suburbs at 3:00pm. why? because the shitty condo folks have nothing better to do then call the cops and the meth folks want nothing more then to keep the cops away. words of wisdom.





when filmers geek out

Saturday, February 7, 2009


i am pretty sure this kid is doing an impression of my saturday night

the album drops next week

Friday, February 6, 2009

wtf friday #5

for a second i felt bad for making fun of them because i thought they might be crippled. you can imagine my relief when i found out they were just douchebags.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

railroad rail

drove an hour, set up, got a bunch of pricker things all over myself, missed the angle on pretty much every shot, blew a shot for kev and tony, watched some trains go by, apologized to everyone for being an idiot, drove an hour home...i guess these things happen sometimes


lots of crappy news out there these days... thought you might like to see some good...


Monday, February 2, 2009

midwest shred report

with the break in snow, subteen temps and the very rare appearance of sun on a midwinter day, i headed over to alpine valley on sunday for some laps on the rope tow and carhartt one-pieces. from the summit you can really fill the lungs with the fresh mountain air and take in the view of the surrounding range, a truly magical experience as seen below.

from there i headed through the woods and then back to the bottom again, the gradual sloping run taking almost a quarter of a minute to get down. i then headed over to the rope tow, which is just that, a rope that tows you up the hill. no poma, no handle to grab on to, that would be sissy. just let the wet rope slide through your hands until you feel ready to squeeze and enjoy the ride. below you can see some folks having some issues with the squeeze part...

from the summit of the rope tow i spotted some locals building a booter.

the old jump, please note the landing transition...

the great part about riding on super bowl sunday was that at about 2 the place cleared out as folks in the midwest do not want to miss any of the 5 hours of pregame coverage, because as much as they might love snow play, football is a religion and not to be missed.
so that left the 2 lifts, 3 rope tows and 1 pomaish kinda lift to myself and about 50 others... pretty rad.
so i might kid a bit about some of the conditions and whatnot, but bottomline is that a bunch of folks come out and have just as much fun as any gypsy hipster kid in tahoe, or any xxl "tech nine motherfucker" cat in big bear. its all about what you make of it...
so if you are ever in the neighborhood... don't hesitate to stop by the divine pine and tell them i sent you...

on a quick related side note. to whomever hit my car in the parking lot scraping and denting it without leaving a note to even say you are sorry, may karma come back and fuck you in the ass...