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Friday, October 31, 2008

happy friday-ski patrol, act like you know

in keeping with the firday awesome eXtreme flicks of the late 80's early 90's, last week's gleaming the cube is impossible to top but... enjoy

i am going trick or treating, i hope i get some robot food...

so if i had one wish, i would wish for like a million more wishes, as one would do... somewhere in those million wishes i would ask for the folks from robot food to get back together and make snowboard movies for the next 50 seasons.
their movies were just so darn good and the soundtracks were just so darn amazing. plus it was all about having fun, and that is, well... fun. just like snowboarding should be.
here is some love from their second masterpiece lame. side note, i have somewhere along the road lost my copy of lame which was in fact my favorite of the trifecta. but i still watch afterbang ever now and again to just get stoked.

check out expn's snowboard blog for all three trailers from the great robot food, and have a happy halloween!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


you know what is awesome? voting is awesome! i went and voted early(as you can do in ohio) the other day and was so stoked to see the election board office totally packed. they have people directing traffic in and out of the place and have closed off part of the street to help with the push. amazing, i don't care who you are voting for, that is your choice, but that fact that so many people are feeling like they need to make their choice heard, and early at that! i was honestly excited seeing the lines. this is my third prez election i have voted in and i have never felt the excitement and appreciation for the right to vote like i did this year. so maybe after all these bad things that have gone down over the past decade and all the problems we currently find ourselves in, maybe that resulted in one great thing. people have rediscovered how important voting is.
oh, and not that this is a political site but if you have not made up your mind about the next president,

either way do yourself the favor and make your voice heard

Friday, October 24, 2008

burton love series

alright, so i have been reading about this and thinking about this for awhile. for those who don't know, burton snowboards has made some pretty cool snowboards this season featuring none other then some of hef's picks from the 70's-80's. that's right, playboy centerfolds featured as the graphics on some shred sticks... having lived in mountain towns in the past and knowing the ratio of guys to gals, this is nothing but knowledge of ones target market, kudos burton.
however, there are a lot of folks not stoked on pg-13 graphics, and no it is not the lonely snowboard dirt stick who was pulling for full nudity, it is the parents and folks who have too much free time as per usual. the shit even made cnn, people are all sorts of pissed over a few side boob shots and firm 70's style asses.

at any rate, i am not a huge burton guy, but you gotta respect them and you gotta see how silly this all is. one family group has even refused donations from burton. the economy is falling apart around us, young men and women from our country are actively involved in wars in two different countries, there is an upcoming election and this is the best these folks have to worry about... must be nice.
anyone interested in protesting that the models were not fully nude, let me know, i am in...

that's enough ranting for one friday night, back to editing wedding photos! enjoy your weekend...

happy friday- gleaming the cube, act like you know

here is my present to you...

Monday, October 20, 2008


so if you, like me, did not make it to a premiere of that's it that's all(for reasons i will not go into at this point(please read: i am a retard)), there is hope. iTunes, everyones favorite local music shop is offering TITA for download! for a fee of $7.99 you to can watch trice and friends shred the globe and be infinitely cooler then you and i could ever hope for. it is an amazing flick and despite my comment above, it makes you just want to go ride with the boys because damn it, they look like they are having a lot of fun! while you are on iTunes don't forget to pick up forum or against 'em for $5.99 and make sure to check out jake blauvelt's ender ender segment... pretty rad. watch the trailer below.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


ok, the movie that i have been waiting to see is here... that's right, this saturday night in columbus at the arena grand, t.rice and the boys will be showing the epic shred flick that's it, that's all. think of it as the lord of the rings meets mack dawg and has a few red bulls together... i am very excited. check out www.thatsit-thatsall.com for all the info and previews and fun stuff... two and a half hour drive to see a snowboard movie? maybe i am loosing it, but i am hoping this one is worth it...

Monday, October 13, 2008


fall has come to the midwest. best time to be here in my opinion, gotta love the leaves...

Friday, October 10, 2008


i thought that this was pretty "rad"... but chipotle is teaming up with the action sports environmental coalition (which until this moment i didn't know existed) to bring you a free burrito for participating in RAD day or roll anything day... see RAD is an acronym! so if you happen to be in sunny california tomorrow make sure to skate, bike, whatever, just don't drive on over to chipotle for some free sweet wrapped rice and beanie goodness...

i am hoping hot sauce williams will offer the same deal here in cleveland in the near future.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

yeah midwest kids!

went to my first midwest snowboard movie premiere last saturday night in kent, you may remember i suggested attending said event a week or so ago. at any rate, it was great. the kids here might not have the terrain parks and they for sure do not have the mountains that their peers in the western states do. but that sure doesn't stop them from getting as stoked about snowboarding. it even doesn't stop them from making their own movies to document what their winters are like. bottom line they were doing it just as right as anyone, having fun and being excited about the upcoming snow, and that is awesome. all the movies were great but check out syndicate's "all smiles". this is what happens when you have a little snow, a few rails, a camera and a lot of creativity. high fives all around.

all smiles from syndicate on Vimeo.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

one foot in the grave

i am super late on this but i thought i was such a cool video that i needed to post it... it is for a show of fred montagne's photography. you may or may not remember fred as the guy who won red bull's illume contest, meaning that out of thousands of submitted action sports photos from pros, ams, and everyone else, fred's was picked as the best... pretty rad. i wish i had seen it sooner and could have checked it out while in montreal... but dems the breaks sometimes...