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sunrise, new mexico

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

good music

don't know how you feel about them, but i kinda like sigur ros. the icelandic foursome has always made some different music that you can't really compare to any other band, this is a good thing. the lack of comparison is the result of the icelandic language and sigur ros' very unique sound. at any rate, just heard the new single gobbledigook from the forthcoming release (who's title is even harder to write then gobbledigook) and it is pretty darn good. the band is offering a free download of said new single from their website www.sigurros.com. so if you are a fan, chances are this is old news, but if you are not a fan and want to check the sigur ros out and potentially become a fan, hop on over to the site and give it a listen.

mack dawg

so it is almost summertime and you know what that means to the masses of snow geeks... time to start thinking about the fall and next winter. lucky for us... uhh, i mean them, next years film teasers are being dumped out on the interweb to get everyone stoked on the upcoming releases. the biggest and arguably the best in the business mack dawg productions released their teaser this week and, mission accomplished, i am stoked.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

arkitip magazine

amazing design, amazing presentation, little pricey, but totally worth it... check out the arkitip website and see for yourself...

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

matt pinfield

went to see matt pinfield speak at the rock 'n roll hall of fame tonight. i went into this with a lot of expectations and hoping for something really rad... lucky for me and the rest of the audience, matt delivered. he is exactly how he seems on tv and radio, super down to earth with ridiculous amounts of information about every band you could ever imagine. matt might be best known from his time on mtv and mtv2, but he has been involved in almost every aspect of the music business and his stoked to tell the stories. without a doubt something i would see again and would recommend.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

the schwartz brothers band

thursday night i went to see what i am going to call a cleveland underground staple. the schwartz brothers band, who play every thursday night at hooples a small little bar in the flats of cleveland. i had heard stories about the main schwartz member guitarist and lead singer glen schwartz. turns out he was a founding member of the 60's group the james gang who would later become famous for being the starting block for super rocker joe walsh. at any rate, glen, somewhere on sunset blvd in l.a., found the lord and left the main stream music world. 30 years later he turns up playing for free at hooples to anyone who will listen.
glen is not a good person. he is very very opinionated about things like race, gender, religion and pretty much anything else you could think of as being offensive. the crowd, myself included, ignores all of his babble because he is without a doubt the most amazing blues guitarist i have ever been witness to. as the great tim schmit said, "colonel sanders was a total ass hole too, but the chicken was really good, so everyone put up with it." you get this feeling that you are should not be able to see such talent in such a location, it feels like a movie.
at any rate, if you want a real experience and a real treat go to hooples on the west bank of the flats on a thursday night and witness for yourself.
glen, doing what i imagine to be the only thing he does well, but man he does it really really well..

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

go cavs

went to my second playoff game ever last night... two times in one year after a 28 year drought! this time the cavs pulled it off in very entertaining fashion against the celtics. i am a fan of all sports, not a super fan by any means, i can't run down player stats, numbers and turn-ons/turn-offs, but without a doubt a fan. that being said, i have to say basketball games are my favorite. way more nonstop excitement and cheering than baseball and the fans are way less douchebaggie then football. all and all a great mix. keeping my fingers crossed for the next game wed night in boston, what can i say i am a fan...
tip off and some dudes head....
dad and i basking in the glory of the win...

Wednesday, May 7, 2008


i found this picture from jan. when i was in san diego. the group i was there with had put in some hard trade show hours in the area over the years and had run the bar scene a time or two. this was without a doubt their fave, good pick mobs... anyways, the best part about this bar was that there were day prices and night prices. you know you are in a great bar when it chooses to reward those who are there drinking at noon...
a bit of a closer view of the sign... save a quarter if you drink when the sun is still out!

concert review #2

so it was ministry playing last night and i can honestly say that since seeing them on the bill for tuesday may 6th, i have been a bit nervous about how much sleep i would get. for those who don't know ministry is loud, industrial, metal. they are super political and know whats up with the world, sometimes a bit more then politicians it seems. at any rate, as advertised they were loud and i had no problem hearing with the windows down in my apartment. now, i am not a huge ministry fan but those who were(those who were inside), loud was what they paid for and they were stoked. i did manage to hear some cover tunes from the stones and doors which i gotta say was pretty rad. thumbs up to ministry, who killed it, at least from next door.

Monday, May 5, 2008


yesterday, i took a bit of a field trip to the cleveland moca(museum of contemporary art). it was my first time there and it was pretty cool. a small space, but a nice space. there are no permanent pieces just showings, and that was why i wanted to go before the 11th. i wanted to see the photograph/video exhibition of sam taylor-wood. well, it was worth the trip because the photos were really amazing, great portraits and some fun action stuff as well. bottom line, if you get a spare half hour or so and are in cleveland go give it a look. by the way i would like to thank the nice people who payed for my ticket to the show after riding up on the elevator with me. good people here in cleveland.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

first playoff game

just like the headline suggests, i went to my first playoff game ever... thanks kirk. the atmosphere was rad, people were going nuts, it was super loud, the only problem was that in the end the cavs and the crappy passing lead to a 1 point loss. oh well, would have love to celebrate the clinching the first round at home, but that wasn't in the cards. the beer was still cold though and sometimes thats all that really matters.