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sunrise, new mexico

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Saturday, December 25, 2010

shitter was full

hope everyone has a great day...

Friday, December 24, 2010

oklahoma city

kinda a funny place, never seen a city so clean and friendly, a little too friendly... just kidding. in all honesty it was true midwestern values through and through, pretty impressive this day and age. i recommend a visit, people will greet you with a smile and start a conversation just to say hi.
two of my favorite OKC exports

the OKC bombing memorial. one of the most sober and moving places i have ever seen.

big city downtown

Thursday, December 23, 2010


had the opportunity to go see the OKC thunder play while i was on my road trip thanks to mike winger for the fantastic seats and the amazing evening. it is always awesome to see a professional team in a small market, the fans are usually the most dedicated, crazy, in-to-it folks you could hope for, see any of my packer game posts for more evidence. at any rate, it was a great game, got to see a win, a backwards half court shot from the mascot, a proposal during the "kiss cam" and some good basketball. enjoy the pics.
rumble, the best mascot i have ever seen, half court backwards shots on the first try, bouncing off the tops of seats and all while looking like a cross between teen wolf and satan...

nba pregame intros are the best...

go thunder, thanks again mike

Thursday, December 16, 2010

tall tee

for those who don't know, there is a ridiculous "style" in snowboarding and skiing where folks where really tall tee shirts. if you ask me it makes it look like you are an umpa-lumpa and i am not sure when that is ever a good idea... still don't get it? yeah, me neither. apparently it is not just that i am getting old and not a good snowboarder, because torstein horgmo doesn't get it either


i took so many damn photos of the sunrise in nm that i figured i would post some more... so cliche, i know maybe i can post some puppy photos too... ahh sunrises and puppies

just kidding...

road trip part 4

after preforming one of the hardest tasks of my life(see below post), i set off towards my next destination, texas. with an evening stop in clayton, new mexico a blip on the map where a big day is "going to a town that has a walmart", i headed out early in the morning to continue the trip. it was a pretty perfect start to things, leaving the hotel turning the key and starting the truck to one of my all time favorite songs and then being greeted by an amazing sunrise, not a bad way to start the day.

from there it was into west texas, which in my opinion is a photog's dream. so many cool settings, so many great vistas and so few people, i loved it. took a ton of photos here are a few, enjoy.

where's the beef?

there it is

didn't stop, but if you could see the town this was in, you too would definitely wonder

west texas is full of little abandoned farm houses. if i am ever homeless, i might just head there

back on the road

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

road trip part 3

after a great weekend back home in cleveland, i headed back to oklahoma city to pick up the truck and head towards the rocky mountain state of colorado. 11 hours later i was there to complete one of the hardest tasks of my life. driving to colorado only to leave the state less then 24 hours later. no snowboarding, no hiking, no illegal pete's... editor's note (i have conceded to the fact that i made a terrible decision in ever leaving the state and in truth hope to one day be back). at any rate, here are some pics... hope you enjoy.
what does your city park look like? boulder, co

on the way to denver, more review imagery

colorado springs...

self port

Friday, December 10, 2010

road trip part 2

sitting in an airport now having just finished up part 1/2 on the work related road trip. not much to report, believe it or not, i was actually doing work so i was not as able to take my time and stop for photo ops... oh well, listened to a lot of xm and even found a few new songs that i have since bought while sitting in the airport taking advantage of free wifi. and oh yeah, got some work done as well.
at any rate, here are a few more pic from along the road. stay tuned to next week when we explore what the hell is between oklahoma city and denver and then go into further depths about what one can find on the road in between denver and austin... stay tuned folks, it might get weird.
you know you are driving through the midwest when you get excited enough about blue sky to take a picture


more random giants

and of course... more barns

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

road trip part 1

on the road for my big kid job. as many of you know, photos do not pay the bills so i have a regular job that does. currently driving through the midwest for said job. although i have driven through the midwest before i have not really had reason to stop besides the essential gas/bathroom/food stops. turns out there are some cool things in the midwest, some strange things as well... enjoy
the midwest has a lot of barns, some in better shape than others

maybe the midwest's most famous residents

and some of the more bizarre residents, like a pink elephant

sticking with the elephant theme and adding the giant shirtless boy eating ice cream theme(please note the size by the car at the bottom right, this is no small shirtless boy)

made it to st. louis, great ball park would love to comeback for a game someday

and of course, the arch...

Sunday, December 5, 2010

guns and ammo

went out skeet shooting for one of my oldest friends 30th birthday. i am not a huge gun guy. i do not own a gun or belong to the NRA, i have never killed anything and really have no desire to for that matter. all that being said, shooting guns is fun, a lot of fun.
chase, the man of the day

mrs. chase. for the record a better shot then the boys

anne's first shot, ever

then the heavy artillery came out


the new cranmore site is up... check it out. can't wait to visit those guys again this winter to see the whole crew plus the new little ripper. congrats jess!

Thursday, December 2, 2010