about the photo above

sunrise, new mexico

Sunday, January 30, 2011

front range

right now

i wish i was looking up and seeing this...

Friday, January 28, 2011


man i love this place. spent 2 days riding vail, never even had the desire to or went near the park... man how things change, i must be getting old.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

things i carry

i get asked every now and again about traveling, how to deal with 15 hour flights, funny food, etc... i also get asked about what i bring with me, so i thought i would make a list of my travel "must have" list...

G9: a great camera. a fantastic mix of your favorite point and shoot and your pride SLR, all the settings and functions without the bulk. you can set it on automatic for grandmas birthday and at the same time you can set it totally manual shooting in RAW to capture that early morning sunrise. like i said, a great camera that I do not like to go anywhere without. and by the way i am way behind the times, canon currently is on the G11... its like 2 better then the G9, or maybe just the newest version (no doubt with some upgrades). check out more HERE

iPhone: wow, where do i start? between helpful aps that do everything from show you around to tell you the snow conditions not to mention the iPod part of the equation which allows me to bring music, podcasts and even videos on long plane rides and even longer airport layovers. check out more HERE, as far as content check HERE, HERE and HERE

watch: i love accessories. i am still wearing the same pants i bought 5 years ago, i cannot tell you the last time i bought a t-shirt, but i have a different watch for every day of the week. my preferred brand is nixon. always stoked on the styles, the function and the price (unless you are going super high end). see everything nixon has to offer HERE

magazine: as much as i would like to say that I read lots of books, truth is most of my reading gets done on the pages of magazines. the books i love are usually short stories, a magazine is a monthly refilling bucket of short stories and i love them. i guess i need to get an iPad then i can put my music, podcasts, movies, books and magazines on one thing. i will keep you posted. some of my favorites HERE, HERE and HERE

moleskine: i have a bad memory. that is a fact. the good part is, i know this and i do not try to deny that. the moleskin helps me remember, everything and anything. this is something that i do not want to replace with an iPad or iPhone. i love writing something down pen to paper and the process alone helps me remember. there are a lot of great little notebooks out there i just happen to use moleskine. check them out HERE

pen: see above. my personal pref HERE

base camp bag: pack light, it’s sometimes really hard to do especially in the winter, but something that should always be strived for. the base camp duffle from the north face is a happy medium. it allows you to pack a few extra pairs of socks while still being able to toss the bag on your back. as much as rollers are great, when you are on the road, planes trains and automobiles, being able to throw something on your back is always helpful in my opinion. plus the bag is relatively waterproof for all those times it does not get to sit shotgun in the truck. all the sizes HERE
ready to rock

Sunday, January 23, 2011

StrEat eats

my good friend tim just entered into a new venture. complete with a kick ass truck tim has taken his culinary skills to, well the street. i was lucky enough to show up on day one of this new venture and was throughly impressed about what tim was able to whip up out of the back of a truck, especially seeing as i have a hard enough time cooking in a stationary kitchen. i ate lunch with a large group and everyone was completely stoked with the outcome. i myself went (on tim's rec) with the pork belly sandwich. thick cuts of pork belly, cucumbers, cilantro on a homemade ciabatta bread roll somehow all tied together by spicy peanut butter... absolutely amazing. nothing like eating stuff that tastes and seems like it came out of a fancy restaurant, but out of the back of a truck. make sure you keep posted on the whereabouts of the truck and stop by for a bite, check it out here.
few shots below, took them from my phone, sorry.
where the "magic" happens

the "magic"

Saturday, January 22, 2011

went for a hike

saw some wood... thats all i got

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

i am getting soft

with all the sunset and sunrise photos of recent, i need to start listening to some misfits or something...

rusted into place

for who knows how long...

Monday, January 17, 2011

new policy

before asking for photos, please see where you might fit in.

haha, just kidding, it is an awesome diagram though.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

girl talk

girl talk kicked off his tour in cleveland last night and i was lucky enough to attend. i am not sure he is really doing anything original or groundbreaking, but there is no debating the fact that he is doing something fun. he is an entertainer and it is a stage show with some great music and i am not taking anything away from his skills as a dj because some of the mash ups he comes up with are amazing. bottomline if you want a great time and a good show, give girl talk a look... in the meantime enjoy some pics...
the man with the master plan...greg gillis



more confetti

even more confetti

good times...

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

5 stars

a must see...

adventure is the most addicting drug in the world.