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sunrise, new mexico

Sunday, April 27, 2008

few more pirate pics

went on a wild goose chase trying to find a pool in elyria, ohio. story goes that there was this doctor dealing script drugs to folks and making grips of cash. with all this cash he was building a castle in the woods of elyria, and it is a castle fully gothic looking and huge. well, unfortunately for the good doctor he got pinched and went to jail and the castle was never finished. long story short, there was a pool at the castle and after two hours of driving around looking for it we found it and found that the pool had been filled in. awesome. below are a few more pics from the weekend, note the lack of any pool shots.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

the pirate sails into cleveland

my couch and the city of cleveland welcomed ralph "the pirate" murphy in at 4:00am on thursday morning. ralph is here to shoot with me for a few days and wonder the streets of cleveland looking for fun things and ways to get in trouble. we have only had one solid day of shooting so far but two solid days of being buzzards. today we are going to dodge cops and rain drops and hopefully get a few more extreme maneuver pictures .

here are some shots of ralph in front of the rock 'n roll hall of fame. please note ralph's g.g. allin shirt, as of yet g.g. is not in the rock hall.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


so for lack of anything better to do, i am going to start reviewing concerts that i did not go to. keep in mind that as long as it is not the acoustic angel's or susie susienstien and the jerkoffs, chances are i can hear whatever is going on at the arorga from the comfort of my couch, and for free. so without any further...
last night was the band my chemical romance, also affectionately know by their fans as mcr. please keep in mind that judging from the lines in front of the agora that i saw while getting a bite to eat, their fanbase consists of 14 year olds who have never shaved, face or legs whatever may apply. now i am not a huge fan of these guys because i do not shop at hot topic and i do in fact shave, both my legs and face incidentally, but they seem to have a pretty ravenous fanbase of screamers and singalongers and they seemed to be decently entertaining. as would be expected they played all of their big hits aka the songs that i had heard of, and even told a few stories to the crowd. lucky for me it was a school night and everything was pretty much wrapped up by 10:30. so all and all, i have to say it was a great show. the prepubescent fans were stoked and i was asleep by 11.

Monday, April 21, 2008

snow covered mountains

so i might now live in the midwest, but i still have snow covered mountains close to me. thanks to ashley's gift of a "magic garden", i now have snow covered mountains right in my apartment. i even had a low pressure front drop a bunch of snow on the hill last night, just check out the pictures...last night, as you can see, just a dusting of snow at higher elevations. however i woke up today to a powder day with freshies from top to bottom...
slashies all day bra... see you at the mangy moose for some apre with bumps mcgillicutty and sush mogulman.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

do, do, do, lookin' out my backdoor

so credence said it bast, but i wasn't really looking out my backdoor, more or less my side window. there is some cool evening light on the agora theater next door to me and i wanted to take a picture of it. i have to imagine you might be seeing a lot of these photos, as i see a lot of that building in a lot of different light.... that's a lot.

Friday, April 18, 2008

getting down 19th century style

one of the interesting facets of my new job has been managing a parcel of property in a rural area. on a government permit the property would be labeled a non-working farm. in all actuality it is a nice place to spend time on the weekend and get away from the hustle and bustle. at any rate we are currently adding a barn which the amish are building. the amish for those who don't know choose to live a slower paced life without things like electricity, cars, etc. instead the roll in horse and buggy, rock the ever-so-popular beard without the moustache and work pretty darn hard in jobs like framing and farming. here are some pics of all the fun of raising a barn.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

terje is awesome

even at 122 years old i guess he will still be killing it...

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

new editorial

some more new editorial. this time if you happen to be in japan, make sure to stop by the local magazine store and pick up a copy of snowstyle magazine. on a side note, big thanks to kirk, who actually happened to be in germany this month and picked up some copies of "goldenride". kirk even had an arts and crafts hour at his house and made me a rad framed copy, thanks brother, your the best...

back connected to the world

as of today around noon EST, i am back on the grid, connected to the interweb and talking to friends all around the world from the comfort of my couch. not much is going on right now as far as photos, but i took some pics the other day from the farm that i work on. we are in the process of building a barn and pushing around a lot of dirt. it is fun, and even more fun because cleveland is showing some signs of spring in the form of warm weather and sunny days. not bad my friends, not bad...

Thursday, April 3, 2008


so i have been slacking quite a bit and have not posted a post in a week or so... i do have an excuse, i have just moved into a new apartment and have yet to activate the interweb. that coupled with a new "grown up" job have given me little to no time to be out and about taking pictures of pretty things... just wanted to let anyone and everyone who is interested in this blog know that new stuff is on the way i promise! hope everyone is happy and healthy...