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sunrise, new mexico

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

i know it's summer...

but this looks pretty cool...

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

on the ride

spent last weekend acting as photographer and support vehicle driver for a group headed from cumberland, md to washington dc. pretty nice section of the country right there on the potomac river and many people taking advantage of that. at any rate, the trip was a great way to spend some time outside and a few nights under the stars camping. hope you enjoy the pics.
night sky

morning woods?

where does it end? where does it begin?

river on fire

Monday, June 21, 2010

up in the U.P.

the U.P. of michigan has been featured on this website before. however, that was during the winter where things like 15foot high piles of snow and sub zero temperatures are common. the summer is a whole different story. prefect blue lakes, a million scattered little islands and a laid back way of life rule the summer. enjoyed bearing witness to the nuptials of two good friends this past weekend up in the U.P. fantastic time and fantastic wedding, all my best to casey and chase.
enjoy the pics.
a lot of this went down...

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

walking around the neighborhood

i hate realizing i have not shot a photo in a few days... busy with work and life and sometimes i just don't get a chance. thus the need for evening walks around the neighborhood to see all the things you walk by everyday without ever seeing... enjoy
i hope this person got to see all these places

empty beer bottles and ten thousand marbles... i can't imagine this ended well

anyone know anything about this place? let me know.

"a cool place to hide out" i couldn't agree more.

the city stays well lubricated on MD 20/20



the big city

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

green bay

i was up in green bay, wi to shoot photos for a good friend of mine katie wied, who just so happened to take the plunge and get hitched last weekend. you might remember the wied's as the folks who made this possible. at any rate, back to the wedding which was actually far from taking any plunge. katie and logan are pretty much perfect for each other and i foresee them having about a dozen kids and running an organic farm up in god's country, wisconsin for about the next hundred years. the wedding was awesome, and everyone had a blast as usually happens at weddings that are awesome. i don't like to show the pics from the few weddings i have shot, because call me sentimental, but those are not mine to show. they belong to the folks who made it all happen in this case katie and logan. however, part of the weekend included something i will be happy to show, a tour of lambeau field home of the green bay packers. special thanks to katie's brother jason for making this happen. it was pretty rad to get a backstage pass to a place like this, to see the locker rooms(which were way nicer then my high school football locker rooms, imagine that), to run on the field, to go where not many get to go. so check out a few photos and enjoy.
i mean the winners of the super bowl get a trophy named after this guy...

speaking of that trophy, here's three of them... no big deal

through this door walk the proudest players in the nfl... not sure i fit in that catagory

i have to imagine some pretty serious speeches have gone down here

i have to be honest, one of my favorite things was the fact that there were these on the job safety posters, just like any other workplace. except instead of wash your hands or wear your hard hat, it is buckle your helmet properly...

this sign was pretty awesome too. i wish i had that to check the morning after a night of drinking

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