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sunrise, new mexico

Sunday, June 29, 2008

pushing around

went for a skate today, just around the neighborhood to see the sites, meet the people and take a few photos. as per usual i was way more into cruising around then anything else. but i did manage a few shots here and there...

Thursday, June 19, 2008

when in rome, or at least waterbury, vt

a new trailer for you to check out... this one is from my good friends at rome who kicked things off properly last season with their first release, "any means". the movie was awesome and the premier of the movie, the londondery pop festival was one of the more epic productions i have ever been involved with, need to refresh your memory? click HERE. at any rate, this season is bringing a new movie "no correct way" and knowing rome it is also bringing a whole new shit show with it. these guys are what it is all about, having fun and snowboarding, not much else and man that is refreshing. so enjoy the trailer below and make sure to make the trip to vt for this years premier, it will be worth it...

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


for having not posted in awhile, i am now in a posting mood.
check out the trailer for the travis rice film "that's it, that's all"... all i can say is that it is bank rolled by red bull and quik... serious bucks there. plus the film is documenting travis' season and comon now folks he is travis fucking rice... don't believe me, check out the trailer below and decide for yourself if...
a)there was a large budget involved
b)t.rice is ridiculous
c)i think people from discovery channel had something to do with this
d)red bull has some really cool toys
e)all of the above

long time no talk...

so i have been a pretty shitty blogger the past few weeks. it is a combination of a few things but most of all it has to do with the fact that i have been super busy with work...
so besides work a couple things...

1) big news, for me at least, is that after 5 years of vegis, beans and what have you, i am back eating meat. since two saturdays ago i have enjoyed chicken, turkey, a hot dog at the baseball game and even a half pound burger made especially for me by ashley. i have to be honest here folks, it is all real good... i still feel a little strange about it, but the taste has made up for the awkwardness.2) i am very proud to say that a photo of mine has been picked to be shown at the enlightened art show in beautiful toronto, canada. the photo is of vera janssen and is one of my faves from the nikita photo shoot. i am super excited about being involved in the show and invite anyone who is up there during the month of july to check it out... click HERE for the website and all the info.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

mack dawg people

for those of you who like to "take in" your holden pants or just run tight jeans on the hill. mack dawg people have internetted their trailer for their upcoming release "down with the people"... check it out below. by the way, thumbs up for the use of n.w.a.