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sunrise, new mexico

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

kid robot

so we go from kid millionaire to kid robot... again not something i knew a lot about besides the fact that he did a co-lab board with burton...at any rate, i went to the kid robot store in san fran and i was blown away by this rad little subculture of high end toys, i even bought a few smorkin' labbits for myself (thanks mobs).since then i have checked out the website and found that it is pretty darn cool too. my favorite section is right HERE and is a rad little guide should you be headed to NY, SF, LA or north of the border to toronto... i mean it is called the "get awesome guide" how much cooler than awesome can you get?

Sunday, February 24, 2008

kid millionaire

so when i was in vegas i got to go to the transworld rider poll awards. for those who don't know, they are the awards for the snowboarders and there is a bunch of different categories for this and that. like a half an hour version of the academy awards, but for snowboarding. at any rate, the after party had a dj play who i guess is famous and well know if you run in those circles, which i don't. his name is steve aoki aka kid millionaire. so why does this matter? well i found an article in which our new friend steve lets us know the top 10 songs to get girls naked to... check it out right HERE. just though you might find it fun and good to know should you be in the dj booth with a bunch of girls looking to get naked...

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

biker dudes

forgot to post these... got to go to my first bike race when i was in san fran... these guys are really into it and it was something different to shoot photos of, so i was stoked. thats all i got enjoy...
ps make sure to check out josh in the thick of things... right there in yellow. peddle faster guys.

Monday, February 18, 2008

back off the road

just got home. had a great month on the road, saw some rad places and met some radder folks. already missing the mountains but stoked to be back around fam and friends. here are two pictures from the last day in truckee, something about that tahoe sky...

Friday, February 15, 2008

girls, girls, girls

it's more then just a kick ass motley crue song. girls, girls, girls has been my life, spending the past week living, riding and shooting photos with the nikita ladies. the girls killed it and made for a super fun week in tahoe riding northstar, sierra, boreal and a secret spot thanks to brent and chris. i will repost some pictures as soon as i know what is being used where but until then here is everyone enjoying the sunshine and some lunch.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


so i was down in mammoth for the nikita chickita. i forgot how rad the mountain is, very large, very fun, and tons of snow. they had just finished a storm cycle which left a whole lot of the white stuff. the contest was heaps of fun and above are some pics from it. below are some pics from the mini road trip from mamms to tahoe... oh there is also a photo in there from the lovemakers playing the afterparty. hope you are well and having fun.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

san fran part II

so i have found someone whom i can poach a wireless signal off of and i am able to throw up a few more pics from my time here in the bay. lots of bridge shots and some stuff from the botanical gardens. spent the whole day walking around the city... love it, even though i kinda stumbled onto a nude beach, thanks for that one josh... by the way, folks who go to a nude beach in february in northern california, way tougher then this guy. hope you enjoy the pics...

san fran

thankfully away from vegas. got out without loosing anything, except maybe my mind. gained a bit of the sniffles but walking around the city by the bay has helped clear that up. san francisco is an amazing city. fully metropolitan with natural beauty right across the bridge. no wonder people pay an arm and leg to live here, i would too. unfortunately i can not even afford a toe and a finger... thats a joke, feel free to giggle. anyways, sitting at tulley's coffee having some breakfast and i think i better be going as my seat is being eyed like a hunk of meat in a shark tank, so i best be on my way, more pictures coming but here is one i especially enjoyed.