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sunrise, new mexico

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


a good friend of mine and a huge park of the snowboard and terrain park building community passed away last week. miah was always a blast to be around and i always knew to expect a shit talking phone call if the cavs and lakers had a meeting. i will miss the fun times we had and miss miah's personality, i will miss giving him a hard time and i will miss being giving a hard time right back...

check out an amazing write up on miah by brad farmer at snowboarder magazine

and another at transworld

and finally if you knew miah, ever got to meet him, or ever had the privilege of riding a feature built by miah, please help with a donation to cover the cost of services, every little bit helps. donate

Monday, May 24, 2010


shot some stuff for red bull this weekend. nothing really crazy to report besides seeing the hysteric and admiration that comes with mtv idol status.
i felt bad for sheckler because all the girls were looking at me not him...

posters... so new kids on the block.

Monday, May 17, 2010


i am not a huge vegas guy. i always lose at the tables, not a big fan of hookers and i hate smokey places... so having to spend just over a week there was not really a high five kinda thing for me. nevertheless, had a blast with my dad and kirk the first few days there, and avoided the crazy life for the last week there as i had a conference to attend. took a few photos around town, mostly of the new city center, which is as advertised, a city. huge buildings and crazy lines in the architecture made for some fun pics. the other side of things was the polar opposite, old vegas/downtown vegas. the strip before there was a strip. full of banged up old places and people, but a lot of great neon and anyone who has seen this blog knows i love shooting neon.
city of lights

the city center looks like a super high end fun house

fun lines everywhere

physically a few miles away, but really a few light years away, downtown vegas. the old school.

it might be old school, but it had some fantastic neon

Sunday, May 9, 2010


marie is gettin some love up north and they are using some of my pics. check out the article here on SBC snowboard.

Monday, May 3, 2010

the derby

had the pleasure of attending the 136th running of the kentucky derby this weekend. for those of you who have been, you know. for those of you who have not, i highly recommend a trip, just to experience the whole show of things, and by the way, it has really nothing to do with the horses. 2 rvs, 2 boxes, 12 seats, a few of horses and gallons of mint juleps was how we experienced things. happy birthday kirk, the reason we were all down there, what a great way to bring in 30. enjoy the pics.
the venue

giddy up

quite a sight

the most important part of the affair.